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Contemporary MMA romance

Live each day as if it were your last. Worry only about yourself. Work hard, and never, ever fall in love. That’s Olivia Buchanan’s motto and she stands by it every day.

Feisty, headstrong and confident, recent graduate Liv is fighting to succeed in the male dominated field she has chosen as her career. Working for her best friend's father's respected London based company, her chance to shine and become recognised comes when she lands the prestigious account for GO Sports and Leisure.

Armed with her plans and determination, Liv is ready to deliver the presentation of her life. That is until he walks in. The mysterious personal trainer from the gym. The only man to ever make her heart flutter.

When he offers Liv a business proposition to join him in France to complete a major architectural design project she’s left questioning his motives—and her body’s ability to ignore his sexiness. But as she is also intrigued by the prospect of what the job could do for her career she reluctantly accepts.

Liv has no time for a relationship. Nate doesn’t want one.  When forced to live side by side, though, feelings are stretched and emotions are battled. Can they keep their professional and personal lives separate, or are they prepared to fight for what is in their hearts?

Prepared to Fight

A Golen Oakes novel